About Us  

FOODEXO Company is a modern plant that belongs to Mlekoma Group. Our company were founded in 2002 and is concentrated on production and trade of different kinds of milk powders - blends. We also operate as service company for many valuable trading companies.

“We also provide services for many, valuable trading companies which are operating in the food industry”.


Our products are used for production of:

Yogurts, Dairy, Drinks, Ice Cream, Bakery, Confectionery, Chocolate, Biscuits, Cookies, etc.

The presented blends perfectly substitute skimmed and full cream milk powder, keeping the same characteristics organoleptic parameters.


As the only one company in Middle Europe we use the technology of fluid mixing in compressed and sterile air. It lets to blend the dry components with an accuracy of 1:100000 elements! Confirmed by independent laboratory.


The system of electronic components weighing with consideration of blocks eliminates any The electronic system of weighing of the components with the automatic blockage system, completely eliminate any possible mistakes or discrepancies during the production of blends according to the adopted recipe.

Precise blending of dry components significantly improves keeping ;system of emulsion stability (oil/water) Identical physical-chemical parameters of our blends will let you to keep repeatable production and quality.


Quality is measured and monitored at every stage of the production process in accordance with HACCP. Plant is entered to the Main Veterinary Inspectorate index of the companies authorized for trading within European Union. Moreover FOODEXO is authorized for export of milk products –the blends to the so called third countries were our products are very popular.


We warmly encourage you to visit out factory meet our products and full offer.